Peach Blossom Day: A Picnic with Flower Snacks

Li Ziqi Picnic

Today is Peach Blossom Day based on the lunar calendar. Hiking has been a tradition for this day in many parts of China. There’re numerous ancient poems celebrating the arrival of the spring season, and some of them have been incorporated into textbooks in China. Since the coronavirus outbreak is not officially over, large gatherings … Read more

Handmade Blue Dyed Fabric with Hand-drawn Floral Patterns

Liziqi drawing on fabric

After a long pause, Li Ziqi just uploaded a new video – the first since the Coronavirus Outbreak.

In this video, she went from growing a unique type of plant, collecting natural blue dye from them, and all the way to hand drawing floral patterns, and finally dying large sheets of raw fabric. I suppose there will be a second episode where she’ll actually make a blue skirt, hinted by the video’s title in Chinese.

Update: Second episode was released a few hours later. You can watch both videos below.

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Life of Cotton: From Seeds to Cotton Quilt

Li Ziqi Making Cotton Quilt

This episode is absolutely amazing (not that others aren’t): Li Ziqi started from planting seeds, went on to hand pick ornamental cotton , and then processed cotton balls using the old-fashioned, giant bow and string. Finally, she made cotton quilt for grandma with ancient, traditional tools and technique. As a bonus, she also made small … Read more