Update on Liziqi amid CoronaVirus Outbreak

Liziqi working on a bench

Li Ziqi hasn’t uploaded any new videos since Life of Cotton, from more than a month ago. She doesn’t post on Chinese social networks either. However, her assistant, Min Guo, has been updating Liziqi fans regularly, including their effort of donating medical supplies to hospitals fighting the Coronavirus ourbreak. On February 20, Min Guo posted … Read more

Team Liziqi Donates Medical Supplies to Fight Virus Outbreak

Li Ziqi working on farm

The virus outbreak has paralyzed the City of Wuhan, and put many surrounding cities in total lock-down. As a result, medical supplies are quickly depleting in the region. Almost all hospitals are in dire need of face masks, medical gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing. Some have completely run out. There are images showing nurses … Read more

Life of Cotton: From Seeds to Cotton Quilt

Li Ziqi Making Cotton Quilt

This episode is absolutely amazing (not that others aren’t): Li Ziqi started from planting seeds, went on to hand pick ornamental cotton , and then processed cotton balls using the old-fashioned, giant bow and string. Finally, she made cotton quilt for grandma with ancient, traditional tools and technique. As a bonus, she also made small … Read more

Behind the Scene: Li Ziqi Falling off a Big Rock, Literally


Li Ziqi has a personal assistant: Minguo (民国). Although she doesn’t show up in Ziqi’s videos very often, in reality she takes care of many things. She’s the real insider.

Minguo has her own Weibo account with more than 400K followers. She posts pictures, videos, and interesting tidbits that don’t make it to Li Ziqi’s official Weibo.

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