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Li Ziqi 李子柒

Li Ziqi is one of the most popular YouTube stars in the world, with more than 15 millions subscribers. Her videos, depicting a calm and elegant farm-style living in rural China, attract millions of viewers.

Is there anything Liziqi can’t do?

Li Ziqi Lanzhou Noodle
Li Zi Qi Farming
Li Ziqi Makng Bamboo Couch

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Ziqi’s Artwork

Liziqi Salted Eggs
Li Ziqi Cake
Li Ziqi Bulding Bamboo Wall

Who is Liziqi, anyway?

Ziqi is a YouTube sensation. Her calm, soothing and beautiful videos have captured the hearts of millions, all around the world. Ziqi had an tough childhood, to say it mildly. After losing her parents at very young age, she also lost her grandfather, and had to drop out of school at 14. Yet, she marched on…(read more about Li Ziqi)


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