Dianxi Xiaoge: Rice Cakes for Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Usually, everyone should be home by now, or at least on the road rushing to get back. Adults will take care of last minute choirs. Kids are getting ready for the biggest celebration of the year.

Not this year. With the #CoronaVirus spreading like a wildfire in Wuhan and many other places, it feels sad and somber. Social media are overwhelmed with bad news, and rumors are flying everywhere. Many gatherings have been cancelled. Many families will probably stay home for the entire holiday.

But life goes on. While China, and the world, fight the deadly virus, ordinary people will still celebrate the Chinese New Year.

I’m glad Dianxi Xiaoge released another video about making rice cakes, not the type of dessert, but a traditional dish very popular in Yunnan. One thing that stands out in the video is the watermill. Villagers still use it to mash steamed rice and it’s quite fascinating. After rice cakes (patties) are made, you can steam, bake, deep fry, or stir fry and cook several dishes out of them.

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