Three weird videos uploaded to Liziqi’s YouTube channel, then quickly deleted

On September 26, 2021, three short videos were uploaded to Liziqi’s Youtube Channel, but were quickly removed within a few minutes.

I didn’t see those videos personally. Based on a Reddit post, one video appeared to show Liziqi drinking, first from a cup, then from a jar directly. She looked drunk, or rather distraught. Another was some kind of volleyball game.

Many people also commented under the last YouTube video she posted two months ago, confirming that videos were indeed uploaded and then deleted quickly.

If you’ve seen these videos, please comment below or send us an email. We don’t know if Liziqi’s channel was hacked briefly or it was some insiders trying to sabotage her image, or some other random reasons, but we’re hoping that her channel will return to normal in the near future.

Image credit: u/TeddyGrahams4Prez on Reddit

3 thoughts on “Three weird videos uploaded to Liziqi’s YouTube channel, then quickly deleted”

  1. Actually there are more than 3, some are added later.
    They’re not deleted, but set to private.
    They’re Liziqi’s old videos, like her 桃花酒 video where she got drunk and went unconscious.

  2. hope you are ok your an inspirational young lady remember that , I enjoy your videos it gives me inner peace from a stressful day from work And my kids enjoy when I copy your recipes and they say your beautiful and respectful . thank you for inspiring the.


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