Latest Updated on Liziqi and Her Recent Public Appearances – October, 2021

As of today, Li Ziqi still hasn’t uploaded new videos, but she’s made a few public appearances lately.

Her assistant, Min Guo, shared some pictures on Weibo.

10/12/2021 – Cyberculture Forum: Cyberculture Assisting the Building of a Community of Shared Future of Mankind.

It appears to be a discussion forum for some internet celebrities. Unfortunately I don’t recognize any of them other than Li Ziqi, so I can’t tell what kind of conference this is.

10/12/2021 – Could be the same forum or a different event.

10/14/2021 – Unknown Event


This one is rather important. A well-known and reputable finance website in China published an article, quoting an investor of Hangzhou Weinian, claiming that there is indeed some sort of contract dispute between Li Ziqi and her agent (Hangzhou Weinian).

However, Li Ziqi’s assistant refuted that claim. Instead, she said that ever since Sichuan ZiQi Culture Communication Co. was created in December, 2017, there has not been a contractual relationship between Liziqi and Hangzhou Weinian. She further urges the media not to spread rumors.

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of speculations on the internet. After all, Li Ziqi hasn’t uploaded any new content for so long, and it’s safe to assume that rumors will continue to fly.

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  1. why dont she make a new youtube account. i will surely subscribe.
    fyi i currently unsubscribe liziqi channel and subscribe to liziqi music channel.
    i am not sure which is hers anyway..

  2. I assume you have no direct contact with her, I like many others would just like to no she is OK and wish her well. I miss her.


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