Liziqi suddenly stopped uploading new videos, speculations abound

Many fans have noticed that Liziqi has not uploaded any new videos for more than two months. The last episode was published on July 14, 2021.

It’s not just Youtube. All of her accounts on Chinese social media platforms have been frozen too.

Before you get anxious, let me first tell you that she is Ok.

Her assistant does occasionally post updates on Weibo, China’s Twitter. Below are two recent photos of Liziqi, one appears to be in a recording studio, and another is from an award ceremony.

Although Liziqi has essentially confirmed that she is not releasing new contents for the moment, she never explained why.

Liziqi’s personal assistant, Guomin, offered a rather vague answer: She’s just dealing with a third-part business right now, and calls on social media to stop spreading unfounded rumors.

In another post, Guomin said since Liziqi never graduated from high school, she’s also busy catching up with some classes.

Guomin’s clarifications have not prevented people from speculating. After all, her videos draw millions of views and generate huge revenues. There has to be something more significant than what Guomin offered as an explanation.

I won’t get into all the rumors floating around, some are quite ridiculous.

However, one leading “theory” is worth mentioning, that Liziqi may be having disputes with her agent: Hangzhou Weinian Technology.

Hangzhou Weinian is a MCN (Multi-Channel Network) promotion company that has signed many internet celebrities, the biggest star being Liziqi.

The tricky part is that the Liziqi(李子柒)brand is owned by a company called Sichuan ZiQi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

This company is owned by two entities: Li Jiajia (the real name of Li Ziqi, 49%), and Hangzhou Weinian (51%).

So in theory, Hangzhou Weinian has control over the brand, not Liziqi herself.

Many people believe that some sort of disagreement between the two entities over profit allocation is the problem here. Neither party has openly denied it. In fact, Liziqi’s assistant mentioning “issues with a third-party company” added some legitimacy to this theory.

On top of that, Liziqi posted and quickly deleted a message saying that she was filing a police report and “capital is so frightening”. This added fuel to the fire, because Hangzhou Weinian represents the “capital” side of their relationship.

With regard to the police report, they didn’t mention any details but it’s known that some people have found her home and have been streaming from her neighborhood. It’s also confirmed that a supermarket has been selling Liziqi branded moon cakes without authorization, and some crooks are sending out text messages in Liziqi’s name to defraud people.

So a lot is going on.

We don’t know exactly what’s keeping Liziqi from uploading new videos, but we do know that she’s doing fine, and it’s most likely her own choice.

And just like you, we’ll be patiently waiting as well.

As soon as we hear any news, we’ll share it on this website.

8 thoughts on “Liziqi suddenly stopped uploading new videos, speculations abound”

  1. Wouldn’t be a surprise that people have found her home and are invading her privacy. Her videos made her life seem like it is a heavenly place to live, and untarnished by the rest of the world. People just can’t leave things alone for long.

  2. Me and my daughter love watching her videos. It gives me a sense of peace and goodness seeing her videos.
    Hope she starts making blogs again


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