Dianxi Xiaoge Making Sour Pork – Very Unique Yunnan Dish

Sour Pork? Yes, you heard it right. Dianxi Xiaogo posted a video today to show us how she made a unique Yunnan dish called Sour Pork. Apparently it’s rather popular among ethnic minority groups in Yunnan Province, and there are different ways to cook it.

First she cut pork into large slices. Then, put them in a mixing bowl, add salt, and marinate for 3 hours.

Next step is critical. Stir fry sticky rice, and mix with shredded ginger, salt, chili powder, Zanthoxylum and Tsaoko. Dip meat slices into strong liquor, and then cover them with the seasoning mixture. Finally, put pork slices in a big jar and seal with water. After about three months, pickled sour pork is ready and can be cooked into several dishes.

I’ve never tried it before – never heard of it actually – but watching Dianxi prepare everything is quite fascinating.

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