Latest Updated on Liziqi and Her Recent Public Appearances – October, 2021

As of today, Li Ziqi still hasn’t uploaded new videos, but she’s made a few public appearances lately. Her assistant, Min Guo, shared some pictures on Weibo. 10/12/2021 – Cyberculture Forum: Cyberculture Assisting the Building of a Community of Shared Future of Mankind. It appears to be a discussion forum for some internet celebrities. Unfortunately … Read more

Three weird videos uploaded to Liziqi’s YouTube channel, then quickly deleted

liziqi deleted video

On September 26, 2021, three short videos were uploaded to Liziqi’s Youtube Channel, but were quickly removed within a few minutes.

I didn’t see those videos personally. Based on a Reddit post, one video appeared to show Liziqi drinking, first from a cup, then from a jar directly. She looked drunk, or rather distraught. Another was some kind of volleyball game.

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TV Inspired Water Flow Dinning Table

Liziqi Flow Table

Li Ziqi got the idea from watching a TV show, and using mainly spare parts, she built an elegant dinning table with winding water flow in the middle. Fruits and snacks can be served on plates that not only float, but move along the beautiful canal.