Okra, Bamboo Fence and Paved Trail

The beginning of the video was filmed in early spring, and just like that, it’s almost the end of summer now.

Many years ago, Li Ziqi saw a beautiful trail with Morning Glory climbing over a bamboo fence in a cartoon movie. She still remembers that scene till this day. So she decided to recreate it in her own backyard.

She went to work and here is a set of GIF images illustrating the entire process:

The most challenging part is probably paving the walkway because she had to pick many flat rocks, bring them back in a cart, and lay them along the fence piece by piece. The end result is quite amazing:

This used to be a place for pear trees but they didn’t grow very well, so she decided to turn it into a new garden instead.

A garden indeed:

A queen in pajamas patrolling her garden

Now comes to the center piece of this episode: Okra.

I’m fairly certain there’s another name for Okra, but I can’t think of it off the top of my head.

Second half of the video is all about cooking with Okra, which I won’t spoil. You can watch the video right here. Remember, this is streaming directly from YouTube, so all view counts and income from ads will go to Liziqi’s official channel.

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