Peach Blossom Day: A Picnic with Flower Snacks

Today is Peach Blossom Day based on the lunar calendar. Hiking has been a tradition for this day in many parts of China. There’re numerous ancient poems celebrating the arrival of the spring season, and some of them have been incorporated into textbooks in China.

Since the coronavirus outbreak is not officially over, large gatherings are still prohibited.

Li Ziqi decided to pick some flowers, make snacks with the flowers, and have a picnic with grandma and her assistants:

This is Li Ziqi’s hiking, on horseback, with wild flowers all around her:

Li Ziqi riding horse on Peach Blossom Day

Some of the snacks she made in this video, using flowers as ingredients or decoration:

Cherry blossom snacks
Cherry blossom snacks
tortilla wrap
Egg yolk and egg white layered tortilla wrap
Purple sweet potato and radish cake
Purple sweet potato and radish cake
Li Ziqi Picnic Table
Li Ziqi’s picnic

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