Dianxi Xiaoge Cooking Vegetarian Food at Home

During the Chinese New Year, Dianxi Xiaoge and her family have a tradition of visiting local temples. They also have lunch at a sacred place to enjoy some special vegetarian food, called 吃斋 in Chinese. This can be be attributed to Buddhism, but in China, you don’t have to a a Buddhist to do so.

This year they can’t go anywhere due to the CoronaVirus Outbreak. So Xiaoge decided to cook some vegetarian food at home, to carry out the family tradition.

Something like this:

Vegetarian “Meat”

Before cooking, she uses sweet wormwood boiled water to thoroughly clean dinnerware and utensils. This is a gesture to show that everything is prepared with true intentions as a vegetarian.

Cleaning with hot water boiled with sweet wormwood

On her way to harvest sweet wormwood, she lets Dawang happily carries her basket. Dawang never hides his joy:

Dawang loves his new job

Here is the video:

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