Dianxi Xiaoge: A Dish for VIP Guests from Yi Ethnics Group

China is being overwhelmed by the CoronaVirus Outbreak. It has reached nearly every corner of the country, as well as many parts of the world. Outside China, life is normal. But inside the mainland, literally everything is put on hold, in order to contain the new virus.

Schools remain shut, factories cannot open, and many cities are effectively in lock-down mode.

I’m glad Xiaoge is still posting new videos. It’s refreshing for millions of people who have been forced to stay indoors for two weeks now. But I’m not sure how many new videos she will be able to film before the epidemic is over. The past few episodes were all shot before the Chinese New Year.

Best wishes to Xiaoge, her family, and everybody in China and other countries who’re fighting the outbreak!

As usual, Dianxi Xiaoge said hi to her viewers towards the end of the video. Here’s my translation:

Hi everyone! I’m Dianxi Xiaoge. This is the last video I filmed before the Chinese New Year, so in the past couple of days I finished post-processing and uploaded it here.

Recently I received lots of well wishes from fans all over the world, so thank you all very much! I’ve just been staying at home, and we haven’t left the village since the start of the Spring Festival. We still have plenty of fresh vegetables on the farm, and at home we still have cured bacon and sausages, and all kinds of pickled dishes. So we’re getting by just fine so far.

The whole country is working very hard to fight the virus outbreak, especially medical staff working on the front line. They’re trying their best. All I can do as an individual is to minimize going outside, and try to help by protecting myself and staying health.

I believe that if we all work together we can overcome this. I wish everyone happy and safe, everyday.

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