Update on Liziqi amid CoronaVirus Outbreak

Li Ziqi hasn’t uploaded any new videos since Life of Cotton, from more than a month ago. She doesn’t post on Chinese social networks either. However, her assistant, Min Guo, has been updating Liziqi fans regularly, including their effort of donating medical supplies to hospitals fighting the Coronavirus ourbreak.

On February 20, Min Guo posted a few images on Weibo, as well as a brief update. She mentioned that Liziqi’s grandmother has been under the weather. Liziqi is taking a little break, so she can spend more time taking care of grandma. She works during the day, cooks dinner, and watches some TV with her.

She’s not in a high risk area with regard to the novel coronavirus. Her hometown is isolated, and rather far away from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Below are some of the images that Min Guo posted a couple days ago:

Li Ziqi working in backyard
Li Ziqi carrying logs
Liziqi walking by the pond
Liziqi's crop
Li Ziqi's hand, like a real farmer
Li Ziqi's hand injured again

5 thoughts on “Update on Liziqi amid CoronaVirus Outbreak”

  1. Keep yourself and your family safe. That comes first. Hope grandma feels better soon. Later you can continue your video work. Maybe some of us want to know names of the music you use.

  2. Ziqi, I love your videos and would like to marry you! Probably no chance of that but, I thought I’d throw it out there. You can respond to me at, if you like! I would like to move there and help you and your family! Probably not possible as I’m an American and 68 years old. Still, I could help with many things, there, and I love to cook and could learn from you and from Grandma, too.
    I pray that you are well and that Grandma gets well, very soon! I miss her laughter, as it is a lovely sound! May Creator take care of all of you and your village, too! I pray that that nasty virus doesn’t touch any of you!
    Stay safe and healthy!!


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