Team Liziqi Donates Medical Supplies to Fight Virus Outbreak

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The virus outbreak has paralyzed the City of Wuhan, and put many surrounding cities in total lock-down. As a result, medical supplies are quickly depleting in the region. Almost all hospitals are in dire need of face masks, medical gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing. Some have completely run out. There are images showing nurses cutting transparent folders and using them as shields. Others are making face masks with hospital bed sheets, which don’t really protect them from contracting the deadly coronavirus.

Many celebrities have donated money to fight the outbreak. But the bottleneck right now is medical supplies, not money.

Some “fans” on Weibo have criticized Li Ziqi for not donating money, but today, her assistant posted images showing Li Ziqi working feverishly for the past few days to procure face masks and other much-needed items.

They have been quite successful, and secured 20,260 N95 face masks, more than 10,000 surgical masks, 10K+ medical gloves, 1K protective clothing, and some safety goggles. Many have already been donated to hospitals and the rest will go out to the fields soon.

Kudos to Li Ziqi and her team!

Medical Supplies Donated by Li Ziqi
Medical Supplies Donated by Li Ziqi
Li Ziqi making phone calls
Li Ziqi making phone calls while working on the farm
Li Ziqi texting suppliers
Li Ziqi texting suppliers – noticed her dirty hands?
Li Ziqi making phone calls
Li Ziqi making phone calls late at night
Delivery confirmation from courier
Delivery confirmation from courier


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