Liziqi: Behind the Scenes Footage, and a Heart-Breaking Letter Written in 2017

I only heard about Li Ziqi in December of 2019. I’m sure most of you reading this blog knew about her way before me.

I wonder why YouTube never recommended her videos to me. Although I mostly watch football and soccer, I do listen to many old Chinese songs on YouTube as well – that ought to give YouTube a clue that I might be interested, but who knows.

After watching the first video of Li Ziqi, I immediately wanted to find out more about the person. But as you know, there is very little information, especially in English.

However, I did find one video that addressed most of my curiosity. It’s a video made by Lily Chan. She translated a letter from Li Ziqi, written in 2017, when her career was just about to take off and she suddenly announced she’d quit. It was at the time when she faced overwhelming criticism.

Li Ziqi’s letter explained much of her struggles. She also provided many behind-the-scene footage in an attempt to fight off the attacks that her videos were all fake. It was painful to read. I’m glad she pulled it through, and continued to make videos that are enjoyed by millions around the world.

Lily Chan’s video and translation helped me a lot at the beginning, so I’d like to share it with you all:

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