Behind the Scene: Li Ziqi Falling off a Big Rock, Literally

Li Ziqi has a personal assistant: Minguo (民国). Although she doesn’t show up in Ziqi’s videos very often, in reality she takes care of many things. She’s the real insider.

Minguo has her own Weibo account with more than 400K followers. She posts pictures, videos, and interesting tidbits that don’t make it to Li Ziqi’s official Weibo.

On October 12, 2019 Minguo shared a group of photos that captured the not-so-gracious falling of our beloved fairy lady. Li Ziqi was climbing down a big rock, and the tree branch she was holding onto broke, so she fell straight down. Fortunately, the basket on her back saved her life.

Minguo said Li Ziqi wasn’t hurt, and simply dusted it off and went back to work. Even though they’re able to laugh it off, it does look a bit scary from the photos:

Li Ziqi Falling off Rock
Li Ziqi Falling off Rock 2
Li Ziqi Falling off Rock 3
Li Ziqi Falling off Rock 4
Li Ziqi Falling off Rock 5
Li Ziqi Falling off Rock 6

Minguo also posted a short video where she reversed Li Ziqi’s falling, and made it look like she was a Kung Fu Master showing off her flying skills. It was pretty funny. You can watch it here.

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