University Survey about Li Ziqi and Her International Fans

Why is Li Ziqi so popular? What exactly are Liziqi fans looking for in her videos?

These questions are not only in our minds, they are also asked by a growing number of academic researchers.

It’s not a surprise.

Li Ziqi’s story is so fascinating that it deserves sociological studies.

One of China’s top institutions, Renmin University, is doing just that.

A group of students have reached out to us recently. They’re conducting an online survey for Li Ziqi fans worldwide, as a school project to better understand this phenomenon. Located in China, they have no problem finding millions of Li Ziqi fans locally. But they’re hoping to hear from more international fans.

As a new but rapidly growing fan page, we’d love to help. After all, we’re very interested too.

This is a short survey that takes only a few minutes to complete. If you have the time, please do consider helping those students. It’s also appreciated if you could share the link on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks to reach a bigger audience.

Renming University Survey:

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