Handmade Blue Dyed Fabric with Hand-drawn Floral Patterns

After a long pause, Li Ziqi just uploaded a new video – the first since the Coronavirus Outbreak.

In this video, she went from growing a unique type of plant, collecting natural blue dye from them, and all the way to hand drawing floral patterns, and finally dying large sheets of raw fabric. I suppose there will be a second episode where she’ll actually make a blue skirt, hinted by the video’s title in Chinese.

Update: Second episode was released a few hours later. You can watch both videos below.

It seems like a very complicated process.

The video started in the summer, and by the time she started to dye fabric, it was already snowing.

Here you will see some of the major steps:

Growing unique plant
LIziqi harvesting blue plants
Harvesting (twice in one season)
Collected blue dye
Collected blue dye after a tedious, multi-step process
Liziqi making floral patterns
Drawing and cutting out floral patterns
Liziqi applying pattern on fabric
Apply pattern to raw fabric
Liziqi and grandma moving fabric
Air dry fabric

Here is the video:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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