Goldthread Spent One Week with Dianxi Xiaoge

Dianxi Xiaoge and Goldthread

YouTube Channel Goldthread sent a team to Dianxi Xiaoge’s home recently. They spent a whole week working, chatting and cooking. This is a rare opportunity for us to “experience” Xiaoge’s daily life, as well as meeting her family members. This is a 5-part mini series documenting their journey. Since the videos are already narrated in … Read more

Dianxi Xiaoge: A Dish for VIP Guests from Yi Ethnics Group

Dianxi Xiaoge Family Dinner

China is being overwhelmed by the CoronaVirus Outbreak. It has reached nearly every corner of the country, as well as many parts of the world. Outside China, life is normal. But inside the mainland, literally everything is put on hold, in order to contain the new virus. Schools remain shut, factories cannot open, and many … Read more

Dianxi Xiaoge New Year Eve Family Dinner – Special 2020 Edition

Dianxi Xiaoge lives in a remote village in Yunnan Province. So even though China is bracing for the deadly outbreak of #CoronaVirus, her mountainous hometown remains a safe haven……for now. I say this because many villagers actually work in the cities, and they all return home for Chinese New Year. There’s no guarantee the 2019-nCoV … Read more